Transform Your Bathroom Into The Centerpiece Of Your Home

Historically, the bathroom has been treated by most as a disconnected entity from the remaining areas of your living space. When real estate brokers list and sell homes, the bathroom is not included as part of the cataloged number of rooms. The same circumstance applies when a rental agent advertises an available apartment – the listing generally indicates the number of rooms within the dwelling or space with a separate count for the number of bathrooms.

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In previous centuries, the bathroom was a modestly sized independent structure built outside of the home with a toilet function and was maintained for that singular purpose, most often without the use of modern plumbing. In later years, plumbing became more standardized and small spaces were established within the home as water closets, usually designed with only a toilet connected to a basic flushing system, while bedrooms contained washstands with large pitchers and bowls for bathing.

As time progressed with modernization, advanced design, and more elaborate plumbing options, water closets evolved into an expanded enclosure as its own room that generally comprises four primary components – a toilet, sink, shower, and bathtub with a more appropriate classification as the bathroom. Some apartments and houses feature three quarter size baths that include a toilet, sink, and shower stall, while half baths feature only a toilet and sink, as an ideal convenience for visitors of your home. As the bathroom has become part of conventional living, plumbing and septic systems have improved significantly, but décor is sometimes limited by the humidity and dampness within its surroundings warranting wall and flooring materials that are more suitable for a damp environment.

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Added sink vanities with more stylishly tiled walls and flooring, along with shower curtains or glass doors have become representative of the customary bathroom of recent years with increasingly expressive décor to make it aesthetically pleasing. Although, enhanced ventilation systems and Vapor Barriers have become an integral part of bathroom construction to prevent condensation and preclude moisture from permeating building materials from the walls and floors to the ceilings and any other potentially porous elements – the bathroom is a space that has remained somewhat disassociated from the mainstream of the home and still considered a subsidiary of its own.

However, you do not have to settle for the old-fashioned ceramic image and philosophy of lavatory past, as innovation has equipped today’s bathrooms with an array of contemporary features, functions, silhouettes, dimensions, and ornamentation that will make your bathroom as essential and captivating as any room within your living space.

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With the expertise of your professional interior design team – you have the option to elevate every facet of your existing bathroom style with haute couture quality, while exceeding the boundaries of societal norm creating a sanctuary that allows you to relax and unwind at the end of an arduous day, while serving your every personal hygienic need. Pamper yourself with inimitable luxury in a room of prominence within your home that offers you multifunctional brilliance and retreat inspired comfort with a visually alluring makeover in color, texture, lighting, and décor. Remodeling your space will enable you to obtain a more intensive alteration in the components, fixtures, flooring, and other tactile surfaces ensuring a revival of its original form. However, a cutting-edge renovation will introduce an entirely new layout, utility, and design with multiple enhancements to the intricate layers from within that include plumbing and wiring, along with your choice of physical and cosmetic adaptations.

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Select a bidet and toilet set that offer ultramodern opulence in varying silhouettes illustrating little resemblance to traditional styles, while delicately floating along a wall anchored to its inherently concealed plumbing for the most unobtrusive and attractive placement.

You will never have to squeeze yourself into a tub that is undersized and uncomfortable when you can bathe in an exquisite sunken tub that is recessed into the floor allowing you to step in as you would a pool, fully immersing yourself with soothing indulgence or you can delight in the extraordinary panache of a free standing elliptically shaped tub for a bathing experience beyond compare.

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You are not restricted to an ordinary or trendy sink, because you can accentuate your bathroom with a sophisticated wash basin, choosing from several eye-catching works of art, sculpted with linear and curvaceous contours, utilizing tempered glass and porcelain for solitary styles or his and her versions to accommodate the unique and individual needs of a couple.

Imagine luxuriating beneath the soothing drops of a cascading waterfall within your shower, mounted or recessed into your ceiling impelling you into a state of pure exaltation. This unparalleled shower will bolster your bathroom space with the epitome of invigorating mastery.

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Get the best of both bathing worlds with a remarkable horizontal shower featuring a floating heated stone-tile base where you can stretch out while feeling the pulsating water drops of six showerheads massaging your body and washing away all of the stress of your day.

The faucet is a vital element within your bathroom, which you will use multiple times daily. It is important that you choose a design that will meet your needs, a finish that will exceed all expectations, and a style that will reflect the magnificence of your incomparable personality.

While built-in floor cabinet vanities were the popular choice for storage in their time, you can add accessible containment along with mesmerizing dimension to your bathroom by adorning it with a modern basin or sink console elegantly anchored against the wall, softly levitating within the air, while maximizing floor space and offering a fashionable yet unassuming compartment for organizing all of your bathroom necessities and other personal essentials.

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When planning the appropriate color, texture, and durability for your walls and flooring – select the same refined material for both to emanate a harmonious look of grandeur, while providing you with lasting endurance and modern beauty. Marble is a timeless and astounding substance that will exude awe-inspiring radiance from every angle or stunning granite will enhance your bathroom with the sheer elegance of its grace.

For those who prefer the more refined styles of modern tile flooring, but do not enjoy the cold sensation that it often emits – a heating system designed within the floor is a viable option to give you a spa reminiscent level of walking comfort and abounding sumptuousness, especially during the colder months of the year. Your bare feet will frolic in the floor’s wondrous warmth, while the temperature within your bathroom will be balanced with efficiency.

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Illuminate your bathroom with a beguiling shimmer that offers you the perfect ambiance for your setting, while providing glamorous yet efficient lighting. Create a tranquil mood while soaking in your bathtub, highlight the resonance of your décor or brighten the room for functional clarity.

Take your bathroom to the next level with a breathtaking gas fireplace to produce an enchanting backdrop of mystique with luminescent decadence ensuring that you will revel in the euphoria of your modern serenity.

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The bathroom has been notoriously known as an isolated household chamber drenched with moisture where materials outside of grouted ceramic tiles have not always been conducive to this type of atmosphere. However, today’s bathroom is a moisture-controlled, serene oasis of contemporary splendor, offering an array of configurations and features to appeal to your fundamental needs, while nurturing your spirit with modern sumptuousness. Let only your imagination limit the interior design and structural layout of your bathroom and never again allow this personal haven of bliss to be detached from the rest of your home, as it deserves its proper recognition as a spectacular focal point of residential distinction.