Finishing Accents To Intensify Your Home’s Inner Beauty

Interior trim is a versatile cosmetic enhancement that will add definition to virtually any area of restraint within your home to generate a more pronounced presence, create depth upon a one-dimensional surface for a dramatic result, produce decorative symmetry for a harmonious timbre, frame an aperture for emphasizing flair or elevate a gorgeous completed residential design to a higher level of sophistication.

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While trim is often revered by many as mere paint around the edges of any surface or frame – this is only one singular aspect of its extensive application. Trim within the interior of an apartment or house is a multifaceted artistic element that includes a myriad of variations from paint and wooden appliqués to several types of moulding, to provide a delineating and visually appealing effect to its surroundings in the form of assertive color, embossed texture, or sculptural dimension, whether it is connected to the bordering perimeter of each room and opening or to the various points of centralized focus.

Make a grand entrance or exit with refined dignity through the threshold of any dwelling or chamber, gaze at a picturesque outdoor landscape through a glass portal, or revel in the twinkling brightness of the moonlit stars through a dormered skylight – all framed by a stylishly crafted modern trim. These door and window casings are the more popular types of trim designed to encircle the opening and provide a seamless transition from the wall to the weight bearing post that secures the door or window, utilizing a flat or raised component made from various substances including high quality wood, veneer, and metal. More detailed and ornate representations are ideal for a traditional aesthetic, while simple and clean lines are more suitable for contemporary homes.

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Moulding is another type of trim that renders an extraordinary expression of ornamental demarcation upon quiet areas that need more exuberance, training the eye to see a mirage of loftiness within a room of compact proportions or to conjure an illusion of vast abundance within a concentrated space.

Crown moulding, also known as cornice is an eye-catching band or strip that is generally adhered to the summit where ceilings and walls come together along the outlining seams as part of both surfaces to connect this junction with spatial elegance and tailored composition.

Baseboard trim or moulding against the intersection of your floors and walls is usually leveled upon the facade and wider in breadth, serving as an attractive, yet functional source of protection against possible shoe scuffs, discoloration from harsh floor cleansers, or scratches from a steam or vacuum cleaning apparatus. Select a polished metal baseboard to deliver sleek and reflective temperance, while creating an illusory look of profundity.

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A skillfully made chair rail is another striking adornment that is installed horizontally across an entire wall to create a divisive scheme, drawing your eyes up or down contingent upon your desired ambiance. A room with wallpaper on the upper half and paint on the lower half benefits from this separation and a chair rail will shield your walls from scratches or marks that could arise from the back of a chair or table. Walls with only one texture embellished by an understated chair rail offer an appearance of modern panache.

Picture moulding strategically positioned upon the higher portion of your wall provides a beveled edge that is perfect for concealing nails or hooks allowing you to hang large mirrors or stately works of art, alleviating the need for drilling holes into your walls.

When designing, remodeling, or renovating a room or dwelling – your professional design team will provide you with an endless number of fully customizable trim options and styles limited only by your imagination to modernize and beautify your living space with stunning uniformity and sweeping luxury.